Placemaking and co-creation examples from Arendal

Med Hjerte for Arendal/ With a Heart For Arendal-penta helix network:


Article on the development of this platform and network by researcher Eugene Guribye, NORCE (former Agderforskning)

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Levende lokaler/ Sparkling Spaces


2016-2018. National pilot project initiated by DOGA. Arendal one of three pilot cities. Filling empty shops and buildings in the historic city center with new jobs and cultural activities in a great variety of concepts like -greenhouses/laboratories–testing and experimenting, other creative hubs, co-working spaces, community houses etc.

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Ways of working- some other examples:

Vår Vennefest/Our Friendship Party

Welcoming 500 refugees to friendship parties in the city center in the spring and fall of 2016, inviting them to share food-recipes, dances and songs.


By-Natt: City Night

A cultural event co-created between the municipality, the city center organization, citizens, organizations, culture- and business actors

50 refugees meet 50 locals

An action-based and project driven arrangement around a big table in front of the town hall in Arendal, through a broad collaboration, in June 2017.

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Folk møter Folk Arendalsuka


Street-art actions by Coolart

Motbakkefestivalen/ The Uphill festival

Co-creation for a more inclusive city, addressing also people with mental health issues, drug abuse or other difficulties in life, stating we all have to go “uphill” sometimes, so we might as well join forces and walk side-by-side and do things together.


Models and approaches

For more information contact:

Lisbeth Iversen

Leader of With a Heart For Arendal-network/ Med Hjerte For Arendal

And Public sector PhD-candidate at AHO


Cellular Phone: + 47 920 14 606